For over 25 years, TopTech Programming, Inc. has set the pace in CNC Programming. Started by Mark Zalewski in 1992, TopTech has gained a reputation for precision, speed and the ability to solve any manufacturing design or process problems.
TopTech specializes in multi-axis CNC programs for even the most difficult parts and assembly. We have written CNC programs for the aerospace, automotive, medical, commercial, marine and electronics industries. We have worked with quite a variety of business owners, from small 2 person machine shop, to the likes of NASA, Pratt & Whitney and GE.
Our specialty is creating CNC machine tool programs for vertical and horizontal mills, (including those with pallets for production work). TopTech can do the CAD design of your prototypes, whether from your sketches and or drawings and the CAM programming of these same parts. We have a partnership with a medium sized machine shop, so TopTech can also handle the manufacturing of your parts. We can also write CNC machine programs from your existing models or drawings. Machining in a timely and cost effective manner is our forte.
We will accept any file format of a data for programming including AUTOCAD, INVENTOR, ProE, UG, CATIA, Solid Works, Solid Edge, etc. We can support any CNC Controller, for example FANUC, HAAS, FADAL, OKUMA, DYNAPATH, BOSS and many more.
Our programming is precise and accurate. We ensure that cycle times are calculated, all tool paths are verified for gauge and collision detection and optimized for elimination of ’empty’ motion.
TopTech Programming also specializes in Reverse Engineering using a surface modeler (SURFCAM) with FARO Arm interface or laser scanning. We can supply your company with a surface model or solid.
We are happy to use our expertise to recommend manufacturing methods, setup, tooling and inspection. TopTech looks forward to helping you improve and extend your manufacturing capabilities.


Mark Zalewski
Mark has over 35 years experience with CAM software, and has served in supervisory and management roles for several manufacturing companies. Mark is an expert in SolidWorks design, SURFCAM Multi-axis part programming, FAROArm reverse engineering, tool selection, fixture design, surface modeling, troubleshooting and training. Mark earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Gdansk University of Technology in Poland. In his spare time, Mark is avid fisherman and loves spending time with his grandchildren.  Contact Mark today to answer any of your manufacturing questions.